You’ve heard it all your life:  “eat your veggies.”  Well I’ve started to eat my veggies and help local farmers at the same time.  Whether you live somewhere near me (Studio City) or in another part of the country, chances are that there is a farmers’ co-op somewhere near you.

Every Tuesday at my kids’ elementary school (Rio Vista Elementary), a group called CSA California distributes fresh veggies and fruits from local farmers.  I get about 25 pounds of produce for $25 dollars–a real bargain when you price the same naturally grown veggies at the local grocery store.  In addition to feeding my family some healthy food, I am also saving a trip to the grocery store (and with two kids, that’s immensely helpful).  It’s fun to see what they have each week as the produce varies based on the harvest.  It’s also a good way to broaden your “veggie horizon” as you will undoubtedly get something in your bag you’re not accustomed to eating.

If this program piques your interest, you can see all of their Los Angeles locations at: