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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials


SELLER: Meet real estate investors Jenny and Charlie. In addition to investing in real estate, Jenny is a wonderful TV Commercial Producer and Charlie is an excellent Key Grip ( Here's what they had to say about Todd Jones' real estate services.


BUYER: Meet Alexis, owner of TINI Furniture and now a proud home owner! If you’re ever looking for cool mid-Century, groovy furniture, be sure to check out his store (on or off line).



SELLERS: Meet Christof and Jessie.  Jessie is a successful attorney and Christof has some fantastic credits with his company Junto Entertainment .  When it came time to sell their house, they weren't successful with their first Realtor.  Then they met Todd.



FIRST TIME BUYERS: Meet Kelly and David.  They were just about to have their first baby and looking for their first home at the same time. Kelly and David met while working in the Art Department for the film business. When it came time to settle down, they put their trust in Todd.



SELLER: Pat was in charge of her family’s Trust and needed to sell her aunt’s home. She tried to sell it herself, but wasn’t having any luck. See what she says about Todd’s approach.